Tiwonge Hango
Genre Local
City Lilongwe
Country Malawi


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Young as he is, Tiwonge Hango has shown Malawi there could be music that is both unique, tilting on African beat, and that sings of hope, unity and love. At 20, he has done what many big-name musicians in Malawi have not done. That is, sitting down for over two years manufacturing the content of his debut album. Among local music enthusiasts, Tiwonge is remembered as that young boy at the helm of Tikhu Vibrations – one of the earliest groups to become Music Crossroads Southern Africa kings. Tikhu that stands for (Tiwonge and Khumbo) was a family band. The parents were always supporting the group. Although Tiwonge was the youngest, the group’s success revolved around him; the parents might have seen the potential of the young musician nine years ago. “This young musician has done Malawi proud, just look at how he has arranged his music. Let me challenge those who have always labelled Malawi music as inferior to that of countries like Zambia, to listen to songs in this album,” said Zilannie Gondwe, Tiwonge’s manager.

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Tiwonge Hango
Tiwonge Hango
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Added on 29 May 2014
Released 2014
Format MP3
Type CD
N discs 1
Genre RnB


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