Here is a list of the Top 100 downloaded songs in 2013.
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Ndirande Living Waters Women's Choir Ndirande Living Waters Women's Choir - Chikhristu
Chikhristu (Gospel)
Oliver Luka Oliver Luka - Mphunzitsi
Mphunzitsi (Local)
Wesley Wesley - Ipatse Moto ft Sifa Sings (Prod. Overstay)
Ipatse Moto (Fusion)
Deepartment  Deepartment - The Unknown (Eze Pomzy)
The Unknown (Rap)
Ray Skillz Ray Skillz - Mafunso (Prod. Tay Cee)
Mafunso (Hip Hop)
Eliza James Eliza James - Chigole Go Go
Chigole Go Go (Afro-Dancehall )
Eliza James Eliza James - Undi
Undi (Fusion)
Eliza James Eliza James - Ghetto
Ghetto (Dancehall)
Chance Chance - Yesu Ndimbuye (Prod. Gaffar)
Yesu Ndimbuye (Gospel)
Mighty Virus Mighty Virus - Mtima ft Tigris
Mtima (Dancehall)

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