Sally Nyundo
Genre Reggae
City Lilongwe
Country Malawi


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Malawian reggae musician Sally Nyundo was born Bernard Nyundo in 1976. After teaching himself to play the guitar as a teenager, Sally started out in music in1994 with the Imagez Band in the sprawling Blantyre township of Ndirande.

Sally Nyundo’s music career accelerated in 2000 when he joined the House of Lions which won the first Malawi Music Award “Malawi Gin Music Trophy.” Later in the same year he recorded his first album Nyimbo from which the song, Rasi Amadya Nzimbe (Rastas Eat Sugar Cane) became a national reggae anthem.  Rasi Amadya Nzimbe celebrated Rastafarian culture and uplifted the image of the previously banned community.

In 2001 Sally then joined pioneering performer Ben Michael and the Zig Zaggers which led to numerous tours as a supporting artist. Since he left to focus on his solo career, Sally has recorded great reggae songs like Namwali,  Chipako Kukuchedwa KuchaHeaven Wants To See, Oipayo,  Chant Nayabingi to mention a few. A powerful vocalist, poignant song writer and acclaimed musical arranger, Sally is also a multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, drums and keyboard.

A successful designer of own successful line of t-shirts and hats (100% Niceness), Sally is also a graphic artist. He has starred in theatre, films, television and of course his music videos which are often styled as short films. As Malawi’s predominant reggae artist, his timeless vibrations of afro-reggae have led to his recognition as one of the country’s great reggae icon.


Nyimbo 2000

Bimbi Overstanding 2003

Nyasa Reggae Revolution 2005

Usadandaule Malawi  2008

Tingoti Phee 2011

Musically appealing to diverse audiences, Sally is a regular performer and festival favourite in Malawi. He has performed with countless Malawian musicians including greats such as Matafale, Black Missionaries, Lucius Banda, Tay Grin, Skeffa Chimoto and Mafunyeta. International performances have included Israel Vibrations, Kanda Bongo Man, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Baobab and Salif Keita. Sally has performed live shows and at festivals in Reunion Island, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Kenya.

Albums (2)
Songs (7)
Sing Pon It
Sally Nyundo
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Added on 09 April 2013
Released 2013
Format MP3
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Label 100% niceness
Genre Reggae
Featuring Sally
Sally Nyundo
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Added on 24 October 2014
Released 2014
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Genre Rock


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