BFB - Makani ft Mafunyeta & Wema


BFB - Makani ft Mafunyeta & Wema

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Song name : Makani ft Mafunyeta & Wema
Artist name : BFB
Album name : Nthawi Yanga
Length : 04:04
Genre : Hip Hop

Label : Exclusive Records
Size : 3.83Mb
Added on : 2013-09-10 19:18:29
Played : 22358

DL: 12831 times

Songwriters : BFB, Mafunyeta, Wema

Review :

This is the first and last collabo of BFB and Mafunyeta which was recorded  a month before Mafunyeta passed away. Due to some promotion issues it was to be released in September 2013 as planned and it also features Wema on the chorus,who did the harmonies.This was meant to be a bonus track in the Nhawiyanga EP.

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