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Released 2010
Format CD
Type Single
Added on Sunday, 30 October 2011
Genre Hip Hop
Edition date 2010
Country Malawi


His music targets the youth of Africa urging them to take pride in their nations and culture.To take responsibility,utilize their God given talents and find value in contributing to a positive and prosperous future.Whilst emphasizing the need to eradicate negativity and low self-esteem. - Tay Grin

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Recently added songs

Details Votes
Ace Oji Ace Oji - They Wish ft Tsar Leo (Prod. King Duda)
They Wish (Hip Hop)
Cordis Voice Cordis Voice - Merciful God
Merciful God (Gospel)
Slessor Slessor - Channel O Freestyle
Channel O Freestyle (Hip Hop)
Laulent Maxon John Laulent Maxon John - Dziko Landida
Dziko Landida (Local)
Doncriss Doncriss - Munditetezere Ft Drobizo (Prod. Doncriss)
Munditetezere (Reggae)
H-Dow  H-Dow - [Jay Erl Ft H-Dow & Amyraan] - Big Dreams (Prod. Jay Erl)
Big Dreams (Hip Hop)
Jamaica Mw Jamaica Mw - Strong ft Nepman
Strong (Afrobeat)
Best Cee Best Cee - Ndikudikirabe (Prod. Jay Emm & Raj Records)
Ndikudikirabe (Afrobeat)
The Wise Brothers The Wise Brothers - Chimwemwe (Prod. Manifest)
Chimwemwe (Gospel)
Janta Janta - Janta - Ndapeza Wina.mp3
Ndapeza Wina (Afrobeat)

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