Genre : Hip Hop
City : Blantyre
Country : Malawi


GD of Dare Devils, ORIGINALLY KNOWN AS T.H.U.G.S(TRUE HUMBLE UNIQUE GUYS), the group developed out of rap and ragga competitions in 2000,then there were six members.But three years later the group died a natural death as members went on to pursue other interests and out of the ashes emerged a refined, hungry, passionate and carefree group THE DAREDEVILZ made up of two Malawian Rappers with a story to tell.


Chikond Chikangoyamba
# of songs : 1
Genre : Afrobeat
Year : 2015
Type : Single
Country : MW
GD Singles Collection
# of songs : 2
Genre : Hip Hop
Year : 2014
Type : Single
Country : MW
Love Is In The Air
# of songs : 0
Genre : Hip Hop
Year : 2012
Type : CD
Country : MW

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