Limbani Simenti - Ndikuoneni

Limbani Simenti

Limbani Simenti - Ndikuoneni

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Song name : Ndikuoneni
Artist name : Limbani Simenti
Length : 06:42
Genre : Gospel

Label : Independent
Size : NAN
Added on : 2013-07-27 18:48:11
Played : 41075

DL: 33485 times

Songwriters : Limbani Simenti

Review :

Ndikuoneni has catapulted you to stardom, does that surprise you?

I am greatly surprised with the overwhelming response the song has received. Although I knew Ndikuoneniwould become an instant hit, but I was sidelining it as most people who first listened to my songs said Malawians will not like as they are very obsessed with danceable beats.

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