Waliko Makhala
Genre Local
City Lilongwe
Country Malawi


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Waliko Makhala is one of Malawi’s homegrown traditional musicians who plays Malawian instruments such as the Bangwe, Sansi, Kaligo and Mkangala with much skill, often having taught himself due to the lack of experts on the instruments. Makhala’s interest in ethno-musicology began in 1986 where he was part of a team researching Malawian traditional musical instruments for the Department of Cultural Affairs. Makhala , who originates from Mzimba, trained at the Zimbabwe College of Music. He spent much of his time comparing the music of the Malawian Sela people and Zimbabwean Manyika people who both use the Kalimba, also known as the Mbira in Zimbabwe. Currently Makhala works with the Great Pillars Band who represented Malawi at the Music Crossroads competition. Makhala is currently working on a new album for the international market and shall be playing the best of old and new music on Malawi’s sandy beaches during the Lake of Stars festival 2010.

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