How do I submit my music to

Option 1 : To submit music, send your music by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. together with your profile picture, biography, album artwork, & release dates. NOTE: Please send a valid biography with more than a paragraph in text, Mixtapes or Albums name and any other artists that you have worked with that are already on Malawi Music. You can also send us the lyrics which will be uploaded next to your song. This option is free, but due to electricity problems and a shortage of staff, there might be a delay in uploading the song, allow atleast 4 weeks for our staff to catch up with the volume of incoming emails.

Option 2 : You can use the 24HR Express Upload method available for the public to upload their song themselves, go to to submit your song. This option is not free and but its quicker.

We are not responsible for the confidentiality of any of the information communicated in your submission and by transmitting and/or uploading your submission to be made available for free download, you automatically and irrevocably: (a) grant us a royalty-free, non-exclusive, perpetual, unrestricted, worldwide license to use any portion of the submission in all media (b) waive all moral rights; and (c) warrant that you are the age of majority in your jurisdiction, your submission is owned by you and does not violate any third party rights. (d) You take responsibility for any disciplinary actions or fees that may result from the effects of publishing the music and its artworks.

How are songs entered in the malawian top 20 music chart?

- The malawi music chart is calculated automatically using an algorithm that gets the position of the songs in reference to how many people have downloaded, viewed, played and searched for the songs online.

How do I download music on Malawi music website?

- You can download music on Malawi by clicking on the music chord next to each song, which looks like

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