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Omega Viceroy Sambakunsi

I'm easily moving from bar to bar you would think that I'm a drunk nigga/
I am straight fire I turn a big-shot to a hotshot you heard that you young niggas?/
What's a "big shot" to a "drunk nigga"?/
No need to ask me wassup nigga/
Told these rappers to be aiming hiiiiiiiigh, that's why they aiming at us nigga/
'Cause this is our time, we are not "late" like WE AIN'T "DIED" BOY/
these others kids, they done "played out" like it's RECESS TIME BOY/
they say that they ain't got no time to be working but WE MAKE TIME BOY/
You would start thinking we designing watches the way we make time boy/
The past is the past yeah I get it/
Man I could use a lot of "time in the present"/
So just wrap like five watches up in my present on my birthday call me young, gifted and black yeah I said it/

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