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B Rapper _ African Child Verse 1 I call her first lady and a mother to a black nation And she’s beautiful in a city full of flowers she’s a rose, but then a rose full of honey been catching bees She had no ransom to pay back then, no eye turned red no tissue could wipe tears, yeah But the white folks came at night, with their voices soft as thunder As they are turning her dreams to shame, as they are taking her jewelries, they are turning her kids on each other But the white folks is poor, so poor that all they have is money, now peace is the riches and it’s a black kid who’s equal to peace They throw stones at her black kids, we ain’t fight back we make peace This is Africa, where peace comes from that’s Africa Lord bless Africa, send your best angels to fight with these demons now I’m from warm heart of Africa, where a black angel is trapped in the clouds Hook I send a prayer and I say it loud Lord please a black kid is caught up in the vice He needs the healing now Say they words let him free now Say the words let him free now, yeah Say the words let him free now Verse 2 Mother bleeds too and she’s on a poison pill from the white folks Man, I swear that she fading out, and she’s trapped in the traps he kids so blind they can’t see A kid is blind folded he can’t see, headed to a wrong direction only god knows what happens in the end If it’s a good thing or a bad thing I know that he knows it If a sad end then I pray that he changes it, Amen Skit (Dr Bingu Wamuthalika) I want to discuss with you not wide spread food shortages, hunger and malnutrition. But how Africa can produce enough food to feed its people as well as the rest of the world. I brought to you today the message of a new Africa, the Africa of a new beginning, I brought you news that Africa has shifted from afro-pessimism to afro-optimism.

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