Genre : RnB
City : Blantyre
Country : Malawi


TAMIA (Prisca katsabola) A Reggae, Dancehall, & R&B artist,Script & Song Writer,Composer, a Berry Dancer and an Actress. Was born on 24th July 1990 as a true Malawian by Nationality within the superb of Area 25, Lilongwe City, the first born in the family of six, four girls & two boys. She started her music,dancing & acting at her tender age in the year 2002, by then she was at the age of 12. Her first appearance on acting stage performance and spotlight was in 2013 when she featured in the two Malawian films "Nkulinga mawa" (2013) and the " later days" which is still on its production and yet to be released towards the end of this year 2015, and she is one of the founder of the "Elephants" theatre group in Lilongwe Despite being featured in the two films she also appeared in the music video of Gracian Nyambo "ndipatse mpata" (2005) and featured Chipian's whole album "Woyera"(2012), and she realized quickly on her songs that hits wave in


Power Bank Riddim
# of songs : 1
Genre : Dancehall
Year : 2018
Type : Single
Country : MW
Love Songs
# of songs : 4
Genre : RnB
Year : 2015
Type : Single
Country : MW

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