Genre : Hip Hop
City : Blantyre
Country : Malawi


Slova is a Malawian female songster based in Blantyre, Machinjiri. Her real name is Sali Andiamo Siyaya and she was born on May 5th 1995. She recorded her first track, ‘Chains and tattoos’ in 2016 at Ghetto Records studio with Harry Overcomer as her first producer. The song had a massive response and a positive feedback. Born o, Slova, whose real name is , In 2019 she auditioned the project of A4AY Making of a band with her first song ‘Chains and tattoos’ with which she ended up being successful as one of the best 15 vocal artists out of the hundreds who participated in the auditions. She was one of the three girls who made it to the band and the only rapper out of the 15. She and her team had been trained vocally by Mr Everton Chimombo, a very talented musician in Malawi. With the band, Slova performed in many places and events like lake of stars and many more. She wrote many songs which she was performing with the band and the most well-known were songs like ‘ Gidesi Chalamanda’, ‘John Chilembwe’, ‘Anzawo a adadi’ and many more. She studied general fitting at Ecom Vocational Training Institute in Chilomoni. Though it was hard to balance her studies and music, she worked harder to keep up with everything. At the end of the A4AY project, she ended up graduating with a certificate in music. She is working on an EP which will be released soon. And apart from doing music, Slova is also a writer. In her free time, she likes watching movies, playing chess and reading. Her favorite food is samosa.


John Chilembwe
# of songs : 1
Genre : Hip Hop
Year : 2023
Type : Single
Country : MW

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