Santafella - Bumpy Road


Bumpy Road

Album name : Bumpy Road
Artist name : Santafella
Genre : Dancehall

Year : 2021

Review : Meet Santafella aka The Gennah Son Santafella is an independent dancehall artists who represents New Dancehall Generation, a music group based in Lilongwe area 49. Santafella was born in Blantyre but raised in the city of Lilongwe where he pursued his academics. He undertook his primary education at Lilongwe Demonstration school in Area 25 and Secondary school at William Murray, where he met his colleagues (Negus & Bush Don aka Bogdanovich) Currently Santafella he is under employment and passionate about breaking the international dancehall market Show Some love to Santafella aka The Gennah Son

1 . Bumpy Road (Prod. Jabu Rollup & E Ril)

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