Genre : Hip Hop
City : Mulanje
Country : Malawi


Jurassic, born Bashir Mtoterah, is a promising hip hop artist hailing from Mulanje and currently based in Lilongwe. Known for his unique style and dedication, Jurassic started his music career in 2019 and has quickly made a name for himself in the local music scene. Despite still being in school, he is committed to his craft and aims to achieve international recognition through hard work. A proud member of the Yao tribe and a practicing Muslim, Jurassic's favorite meal is Nsima with boiled eggs, and he draws inspiration from his favorite local musician, Tadala. His ultimate ambition is to become an internationally acclaimed artist, performing on stages across the globe. Jurassic is known for his honesty and transparency, even when it comes to his secrets, as he openly shares that he has never tried marijuana. When asked about his earnings, he pragmatically states that it varies. With a strong work ethic and clear goals, Jurassic is poised to make a significant impact in the hip hop world.


# of songs : 1
Genre : Hip Hop
Year : 2024
Type : Single
Country : MW

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