Alinafe Jimu

Alinafe Jimu

Genre : Acoustic
City : Blantyre
Country : Malawi


Alinafe Jimu aka The one man band” is an acoustic musician, born in Chiladzulu, Blantyre, Malawi.  Alinafe has only always had an interest in music since he was young, at a very young alifinate mate another street musician and he was intrigued by the way other musicians were perfoming.  He then went out and bought his first guitar and started making his own music.  Alinate travels around Blantyre, zomba, mulanje on foot entertaining local people at markets and bars.  At the beginning of his career Alinafe used to charge five Malawi kwacha per song to anybody interested to hear.  After some time and gaining more fans around these areas, Alinate is now charging 100 kwacha per song.  He is a natural born performer and he got his lucky chance when Malawi Music Awards 2011 recruited him to perform at the event at Hotel Victoria.  He performed his song “Kukoma” and the people at the show loved it, but this did not change Alinafe’s life, he went back to the streets to perform for the people so that he could find money  and to take care his wife and child.

Alinafe is a down to earth guy, an acoustic artist, young and dedicated to the art of music.


Time is money (Live Acoustic)
# of songs : 8
Genre : Acoustic
Year : 2013
Type : CD
Country : MW

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