Genre : Rock
City : Lilongwe
Country : Malawi


X-K was born William Hara on 29th November, 1987 in Lilongwe and raised in his home town of Mzimba. In 2002 while in Secondary School is when X-K began his self-discovery in music through participation in Rap and Break Dance competitions. In 2006 he recorded his first studio rap single titled "Clap Ya Hands" while in first college year at The Malawi Polytechnic in Blantyre. The Single became an instant hit among peers. He together with two fellow college students founded B4 Graduation rap group the following year after the success of their first single titled “Street Fate” whose release shook the college. In 2008 the Trio released a 12 Track Mixtape Titled "Emcee Notebook" which enjoyed massive Airplay and rare Newspaper reviews from local media. In 2009 B4 Graduation released first and last 18 Track studio album titled "Moment of Clarity". “Timwere” remains their biggest hit long after members went separate ways to pursue other post-graduation career goals. X-K has Two 10 Track Solo Studio albums: "Need Another Life-2010" and; "Memories of Nineties-2013" from which a combined 4 Tracks enjoyed massive Airplay on prominent local Radio Stations. A qualified, practicing Electrical Engineer and entrepreneur X-K’s lifestyle- also as reflected in his music- can be described as “Simply Simple and Classic”.


Love You
# of songs : 1
Genre : RnB
Year : 2023
Type : Single
Country : MW
Side To Side
# of songs : 1
Genre : Hip Hop
Year : 2022
Type : Single
Country : MW

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