Wisdom Chitedze

Wisdom Chitedze

Genre : Local
City : Lilongwe
Country : Malawi


Wisdom Chitedze is a renowned musician from Malawi. He is respected for his work on songs like Odala Mayi, Misonzi and Tipewe. Wisdom Chitedze sings African hip hop and rnb in English, Chichewa and Tumbuka. The single from his first album, Tipewe was played almost daily on the local TV Malawi immediately after its release. The song was popular due to the potent message hidden in the lyrics. Wisdom raps about the dangers of HIV/AIDS and begs his listeners to abstain (abstain is translated as Tipewe in the local Chichewa). The song features Jerome Kalilani from Real Elements (Tay Grin's cousin) whom in the video acts as a victim of AIDS who advises his friends to abstain and stay faithful to their partners. In the ending lines, Wisdom tells his friends that he has spoken, and now the ball is in their camp; it is for them to act upon the message. Chitedze's sophomore album also enjoyed massive airplay with songs like Misonzi (tears) and Odala Mayiwa an ode to his mother and all the mothers who have gone through many things to raise a wise son. Wisdom teamed up again with Stix in Zimatere which is probably one of Wisdom's best composition in terms of lyrics and musical arrangements. Noteworthy is also Father me, a song featuring Erasto.

Wisdom Chitedze is well known and respected in Malawian and African hip hop circles. He is a friend of fellow Malawians Shadre Sangala of Kapirintiya, Prolifik, Bleek, ReaZon Y, Set Apart, The Gospel, Chatrock, and Insight. Wisdom has worked with Lilongwe hip hop guru Dominant One. Other Works: Wisdom Chitedze has done a very funny clip on youtube called Chichewa Chamakono mime. It is also noteworthy that not all of Chitedze's songs have a serious undertone like Tipewe and Tipewe. He sometimes demonstrates his comedic genius just like he did with with the youtube clip. This is clearly demonstrated in songs like Mahopu kuputsita and Oga. Watch the Video of Tipewe by Wisdom Chitedze Featuring David Kalilani.

Wisdom Chitedze passed away not too long ago.  RIP Wisdom, we will always remember you


Remembering Wisdom
# of songs : 1
Genre : Local
Year : 2013
Type : CD
Country : MW
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