Street Lyf
Genre Hip Hop
City Blantyre


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Street Lyf Is a young Malawian hip-hop music group based in South Africa, it was created in 2016 by co founder Chance WIZ" Mwanza aka C WIZ, and Luke Mwanza aka Slim L. It has more than 6 members, since it started C WIZ - Born 1994 9 June SLIM L - Born 1994 17 Nov FLETCHA - Born 1993 10 Oct S I B S'BUDA - Born 1995 5 Feb I T KIDD - Born 1993 12 July JAPA - Born 1995 6 Feb The crew is originally from Mzimba, T/A Chindi, Bulala-Mbogo
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Street Lyf
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Added on 13 October 2017
Released 2017
Format MP3
Type Single
Genre Hip Hop


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