NSI Arts and Culture
Genre Promotion
City Lilongwe
Country Malawi


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With signed artists all over Malawi, NSI Arts and Culture(Formally known as "Nyika Province Entertainment") has proven to be the hope for many upcoming and established artists in music, art and talents promotion and sponsoring. NSI Arts and Culture aims at promoting talents, arts and culture all across Malawi. It is an area of focus of a yet to be registered organization called Nyika Sustainable Initiatives started by a group of ambitious and passionate. It was designed to solve the problems many artists face in Malawi. It has signed artists like M Jay, Rapsean, Dinabo, Geeper, T Uno Crisis, Motte Jezz, Revelation Lystra, Neutral Guyz Affair, Daniel Psalms and V Kiddy just to mention a few and Dj Prengo as it's Producer
Albums (1)
Songs (1)
Motte Jezz - Loyal (Prod By Prengo)
NSI Arts and Culture
Songs 1 Comments 0
Added on 26 June 2019
Released 2019
Format MP3
Type Single
N discs 1
Label Nyika Province
Genre Dancehall


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