Pace & the People


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Released June 2013
Format MP3
Type CD
Added on Monday, 09 September 2013
Genre Hip Hop
Number of discs 1
Edition date September 2013
Country Malawi


Lady Pace is becoming a household name in the evergreen city of Mzuzu and other cities in the country be on look out on this ambitious songbird. Her song "Weather" is enjoying massive airplay on various radio stations and the video is also a must watch on Malawi Broadcasting Corporation Television (MBC TV). Her album titled "Pace & the People" will be out soon and it contains other hot tracks like "I'm in love" and "Taking over". Pace was among the artists that rocked Mzuzu Hotel's Boma Park last Sunday alongside Mafunyeta, Bingeh, Maddy-P and K-Man.

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Lady Pace MP3 Chronology Sipadziko (Faith Chibale Tribute) » Sipadziko (Faith Chibale Tribute)

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NENA (Hip Hop)
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Zako (Afrobeat)
AK-Andie AK-Andie - Unasintha ft. Sober O Njoya Mwambuye
Unasintha (Hip Hop)
Fantastic Farajan Fantastic Farajan - Chim'dalitso (Prod. John KayZ)
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S.S.J S.S.J - Nabola Undikonde ft Ababa Surgeant (Prod. Many More Records & Red Disc)
Nabola Undikonde (Reggae)
Francis Muleso Francis Muleso - A Little Bit Of Love ft Bernad Gibson's, The Temptations & Afro Stars
Send A Little Bit Of Love (Rock)
Emmanuel Mpekansambo  Emmanuel Mpekansambo - Be Still ft Mark Chinkango
Be Still (Gospel)
Zyuga Zyuga - Ndikhaleko ft Kell Kay (Prod. Henwood)
Ndikhaleko (Afrobeat)
HandCuff HandCuff - Simunthu Wamba ft GD, Blakjak, Boimax & Xcon (Prod by GDaredevil)
Simunthu Wamba (Hip Hop)
Mozze Chaps  Mozze Chaps - Nyengo (Prod by Macia)
Nyengo (Afrobeat)

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