Hazel Mak - Umbeta (Ndatopa)

Hazel Mak

Hazel Mak - Umbeta (Ndatopa)

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Song name : Umbeta (Ndatopa)
Artist name : Hazel Mak
Album name : Nyumba on fire EP
Length : 03:38
Genre : RnB
Size : 3.32Mb
Added on : 18.03.2013 - 9:31
Last PL : 21.03.2024 - 1:08
Last DL : 16.05.2024 - 9:45

DL: 6566 times | PL: 26

Songwriters : Hazel

Video :

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Review :

What can we say about Hazel that hasn't already been said, the trouble girl, the cool hair chick, the Malawian r&b artist based in the UK, the other half of TLM regardless what you have heard about Hazel this beautiful songstress with a remarkable voice is here and she is not going anywhere expect for the top.  Hazel is beautiful and represents Malawi in the UK, she has sang at many shows in the UK and has collaborated with alot of Malawian artists.

Umbeta is her new single released in March 2013 and if you had any doubts about Hazel (the musician) before, then those doubts should be on a milk carton by now because Umbeta is a hit that has all ladies in Malawi dancing and singing along to, watch out for this sexy beautiful and sensual woman Hazel.  Fashion + music all in one ball and its rolling your way in the year 2013.  We look forward to Hazel album and wish her all the best.

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