Hood Boys


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Released January 2016
Format MP3
Type Mixtape
Added on Thursday, 07 January 2016
Genre Hip Hop
Number of discs 1
Edition date January 2016
Country Malawi


eLMo, aka Mr Swanky (born September 16th 1992), is a Malawian rapper who grew up in Bracknell, United Kingdom. Being an opportunist, he seized the chance to learn piano from an Italian pianist as well as learning guitar from his father. However, even though eLMo appreciated classical and acoustic music, when he was introduced to UK Grime in 2007 he began developing and cultivating a unique sound with an uprising UK HipHop artist; Jack Wheeler. Unfortunately their music was never recorded Vatykan is a Dancehall artist currently residing in Blantyre for the love of music, Vatykan linked up with colleagues from different universities including Malawi Adventist University. in 2012 he did a collaboration with Malawi's celebrated artist Gwamba and young kay on a track called Sindingasiye Bawa When eLMo returned to M-Dubz (Malawi) in 2009, he came together with Sean Focus and Boy Magic forming Hood Boys. While eLMo's passion for music was undeniable, he also concerned himself with current affairs and decided to go back to school in the hopes of becoming an entrepreneur to aid in creating more job opportunities for young people in Malawi. During his university years he became friends with dancehall artist Vatykan, theydid alot of low quality recordings in their rooms, and they did alot of freestyles together. After graduating, eLMo and Vatykan are now determined to merge their two worlds together; becoming both a business tycoons and establishing their place in Malawi's HipHop and Dancehall industry
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