Genre Dancehall
City Zomba
Country Malawi


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Crime real name Calvin Masaulih German is a Malawian Afro Pop and Dance Hall artist well known for his style. A native of Mulanje Southern Malawi, Crime started rapping in 2007 as a kid who grew up in old capital Zomba. His passion for rap music come when he was in form 2 at Nansomba Secondary School with his friends Yakken Mahomed A.K.A Rymn and Trouble Mathew, they formed a crew called Criminal Squad in 2010. They rocked music events every now and then at school, having freestyle every time the lights went off. After some years Crime dropped a hit single that enjoyed on airplay titled Ndakonda Nzakoyo that was a moment he started recording as a solo artist in 2015 and has droped hit singles such as Kachilomwe, Ndilaweko, Ndadzeledzeka, Wandidolola. Crime release 3 blockbuster singles in 2016 Nzanyanya featuring Akamwile, Pensulo featuring Don Foxy and Magobo featuring Nepman the hit track that was produced by Don Foxy at Step up records. He has also worked with several producers e.g. Twin Beats, G Will, Terminals Lab,Steve T and many more. Related: Star Maly, Genii Black, Mphatso Mccoy, Nepman, Truemale, Daredevils, Matumbi Also related :Mirvin,G Ritta, Gradamon, Ma2wa,Papa, Sy G, Real Gimmzy and Lad K
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Added on 15 January 2018
Released 2018
Format MP3
Type Single
N discs 1
Genre Afrobeat


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