Suffix - Before I Sleep


Before I Sleep

Album name : Before I Sleep
Artist name : Suffix
Genre : Hip Hop

Year : 2018

Review : This song is off his debut album, “Before I Sleep”, and for the first time we get to hear a full verse of the rapper sing/rapping. In the first verse, Suffix explains the advice his father gave him when he was young child, and how he should make wiser decisions because he is the first born and his parents are counting on him. In true Suffix fashion, he goes on to give advice the listener in the second verse to be able to differentiate both right and wrong, but also those who really care, and those who don’t. Kwanu Nkwanu comes after a successful reception to the rappers previous single, “Kutali” which features Zambian artist Pompi. In the same vein, both songs show how Suffix has matured as an artist both sonically, and also as a song writer with rich and relevant content.

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