Sangie - Busy


Sangie - Busy

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Song name : Busy
Artist name : Sangie
Album name : Busy
Length : 03:11
Genre : Reggae

Label : Independent
Size : 3.56Mb
Added on : 2015-02-14 12:37:23
Played : 38339

DL: 45114 times

Songwriters : Sangie, Dj Sley, Ben

Review :

Following the release of her chart topping debut “I Do It For Love” last year, the singer brings a well-crafted vibrant track that will surely capture the hearts of her growing fan base yet again.

The song “Busy” was co-produced by Ben of Mtanda Media and DJ Sley of Chit Chat Records in Lilongwe.  Working with DJ Sley, the 20-year-old has had time to further hone her skills and sound, which makes her unique, fresh and pulsating approach stand out on the track.

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