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Released August 2020
Format MP3
Type Single
Added on Wednesday, 12 August 2020
Genre Hip Hop
Number of discs 1
Edition date 2020


Hits 391 Views

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Details Votes
Jonas Gomiwa Jonas Gomiwa - Masambeni (Prod. Rainbow Records)
Masambeni (House)
Stago Stago - Mwapitadi (Prod. Mwenecho)
Mwapitadi (Afro-Dancehall )
Marsha Cee Marsha Cee - Njomba (Prod. Jay M)
Njomba (Afrobeat)
Tigris Tigris - Been A While ft Tay Grin (Prod. SU Records)
Been A While (Afro Soul)
Sir Afachi Sir Afachi - Ndamfuna (Prod. KB)
Ndamfuna (Local)
Avokado Avokado - Kuswa Kuswa Ft Seven O More (Prod. Dj Brown Sitikasi & Braxxy)
Kuswa Kuswa (House)
Zam Suya  Zam Suya - Idzagonja
Idzagonja (Local)
Winnie Msowoya Winnie Msowoya - Pampene
Pampene (Jazz)
EEZ EEZ - Hustlers Ambition
Hustlers Ambition (Hip Hop)
Lackie Lackie - Zembele ft Teddy (Prod. LeuMas & Blage)
Zembele (Afrobeat)

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