NesNes - Iwe Ndi Ine


NesNes - Iwe Ndi Ine

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Song name : Iwe Ndi Ine
Artist name : NesNes
Album name : Iwe Ndi Ine
Length : 03:52
Genre : RnB

Label : Prime Time Media
Size : 484.86kb
Added on : 2014-02-06 15:46:04
Played : 46982

DL: 37233 times

Songwriters : NesNes, Dj Sley

Review :

After conquering the local airwaves with his hit singles ‘Chidodo’, ‘Wina Watenga’ and ‘It’s Not Fair’, up-and-coming dancehall singer Nesnes has a new love song titled ‘Iwe ndi Ine’, produced by Dj Sley.

‘Iwe ndi Ine’ has a slight different feel from the rest of his songs, as both the beat and lyrics are mellow. “It’s a song which is different from the songs that people know me for because it’s a new style and it’s an interesting story. Most people have been saying am always complaining in my songs so in this track I wanted to give my fans another side of me, not of a guy who has been hurt by a girl like it is in ‘Wina Watenga’ and ‘It’s Not Fair’,” says 26-year-old Nesnes.

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