Masomphenya - Mulungu Kulibe


Mulungu Kulibe

Album name : Mulungu Kulibe
Artist name : Masomphenya
Genre : Gospel

Year : 2021

Review : Mulungu Kulibe concept. The song is not a declaration that there's no God; but rather it addresses the question of God's existence and goodness in face of evil and pain that's in the world. Often times when experiencing pain and suffering, it is so easy to begin to doubt that God exist or that he cares. In that regard, some have concluded there's no God, argue if he existed he would've put a stop to all the problems in the world. Hence, "Mulungu Kulibe" is basically a statement and conclusion that some people make. However, the song affirms that God truly exists and that the reality of human suffering and evil in the world is no proof that he doesn't. Secondly, the song is about hope and comfort, even timely now when as a nation and the world at large we're so pressed with the covid 19 pandemic. It is a reminder that our God is all powerful and is in control over everything, although many times as human beings we don't perceive it that way.Since he does exist, we can put all trust and confidence in him. For true hope is only found in Jesus.

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