Luna Kajuwe

Luna Kajuwe

Genre : Afrobeat
City : Blantyre
Country : Malawi


Lunna Kajuwe is a multilingual Malawian musician based in Blantyre. Born in a family of eight in the 1990s, Lunna was inspired by his elder brother Duncan, and he started doing music as a teenager. He recorded his first song in 2013, and the song was produced by Hope Lufani in Mangochi. However, Lunna Kajuwe became known within and outside Malawi in 2022 when he released Pitiliza, that was produced by JMass and Nyanda. Raised among the Yao, and having spent a considerable amount of time with Chewa speaking people, Lunna opted to incorporate these languages in his songs in addition to English. This, gives Lunna an identity of who he is and what he represents. In addition, the mixing of languages makes Lunna Kajuwe a unique artist in the Malawian music industry. Lunna Kajuwe idolizes Richard Mbona and he hopes that one day he will get an opportunity to work with him. Lunna Kajuwe aspires to become one of the biggest musician in Malawi and Africa. With dedication, self-confidence, hard work and perseverance, Lunna believes that it won’t be long before he attains his goals.


More Years
# of songs : 1
Genre : Afrobeat
Year : 2024
Type : Single
Country : MW

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