JMC Skyred

JMC Skyred

Genre : Hip Hop
City : Blantyre
Country : Germany

JMC Skyred also known as Jacob Gondwe – Köttner is a young Berliner rapper and songwriter with malawian roots. He lives in Berlin, Germany, but was born in Blantyre and spent his first years of life there. He is also a founder of the charitable organization “Shorten the Distance” which is based in Kasungu District. His lyrics often deal with political and socio critical issues. For example, youth unemployment, lack of professional prospects and corruption in the society. This year, he released his new EP with five songs on Spotify and a music video called “RISE UP” on YouTube. The song „RISE UP“ is a message of calling everyone to Rise up and fight for Justice. Justice against oppression, discrimination, police brutality, land grabbing and to spot selling refugees like slaves. “We have to do something about it. This is the moment, where we have to speak out loud and take action, to make things change.” About his charitable organization „Shorten the Distance“ Kasung” The major purpose of this charitable organization “Shorten the Distance” is to improve the living conditions and circumstances of the children and youth in Malawi by Shortening the Distance of accessing their necessities and to acquire a better life. The charitable organization has improved the daily difficult life circumstances in Kasungu, by building and drilling boreholes and giving clean water to the people in Chiuno Village. In cooperation with the "Kasungu Municipal Council", the organization has carried out educational work on Covid-19 in three remote villages of Kasungu and has distributed hygiene articles in Chiuno, Chilanga and Dani Villages, to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants. The organization has even planted trees together with the community on their acquired plot in Kasungu. Where we would like to build a youth center to encourage the community, support and promote the youth and children to create and realize their dreams with sustainable Vocational training Skills. Read and found out more about the charitable organization Shorten the Distance Kasungu. shortenthedistance. Biography about Stanley Rubyn: Germany based, Nigerian Singer & Songwriter, Stanley Okoro better known as Stanley Rubyn, They called him the male version of the famous Tracy Chapman, and while some say, he is the new Ganartt silk of Jamaica, Stanley has his own flair and is very versatile, when it comes to singing.(……)Read more about Stanley Rubyn: For more Information about JMC Skyred, here you will find some Links and the Website. Social media Instagram: JMC Skyred (@jmcskyred) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos Facebook: (1) JMC | Facebook Instagram: Shorten The Distance (@shortenthedistance) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos Links to JMC Skyred Music Playlist: YouTube: „RISE UP“ (Official Music Video) Spotify: JMC Skyred | Spotify Deezer: Rise Up - JMC Skyred, Stanley Rubyn - Deezer (138) JMC Skyred - Rise Up feat. Stanley Rubyn (Official Music Video) - YouTube To subscribe JMC Skyred channel: (140) JMC Skyred - YouTube


Rise Up
# of songs : 5
Genre : Hip Hop
Year : 2021
Type : Single
Country : MW

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