Hago Midinga

Hago Midinga

Genre : Local
City : Ntchisi
Country : Malawi


Hago Midinga, whose real name is Andrew Kasanga Midinga, is a Malawian artist born in 1986 in Malambo Village, under the jurisdiction of Traditional Authority Chilooko in Ntchisi. Midinga began his artistic journey 12 years ago when he joined the Joint Choir of the Anglican Church. Growing up, he found inspiration in the music of Alpha Blondy and developed a fondness for local artist Lulu. The name 'Hago Midinga' was bestowed upon him by his friends during his time at Ntchisi Secondary School. He completed his primary education at Malambo Primary School. In 2007, Hago recorded an album at Ecripuse Studio, which was produced by Break Chindimbe and Skeffa Chomoto. However, due to a lack of financial resources, he was unable to pay for the album, resulting in its non-release. With the limited funds he receives from his cloth and tailoring shop business, Hago Midinga has managed to release a new album titled "Agulugufe". Aside from his passion for music, Hago Midinga also has a love for jokes and traditional music.


Your Level
# of songs : 1
Genre : Fusion
Year : 2024
Type : Single
Country : MW
Chikondi Sichiwona Nkhope
# of songs : 10
Genre : Local
Year : 2023
Type : Single
Country : MW

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