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Well known for composing and recording the song "MZIMIRE" in 2005. Born Erica Eunice Maliketi in the family of three children her being the second born. Started composing at the age of 11 in Primary school level. Been motivated by a lot, both American and African musicians through listening to various radio stations and TV. One of her greatest inspirer being Lauryn Hill Marley. While at Secondary school level, though very shy and sensitive, Blackamoor (meaning- black skinned person) started participating in Rap and Ragga Shows, i.e Microphone Battles with males, her being the only lady who had the guts to stand up and  participate at that time. Bwenzini Moto (Cease Fire) was the very first song she had recorded (2004) after finishing her Diploma in  Marketing studies at Polytechnic University as well as I.T.. After that recording, she emmediately got the attention from one of the best famous reggae dancehall artist by the name Vic Marley (Late now) who was interested to work with her on live performances. later she had been featured in one of the most famous songs of Vic Marley himself called "TRAFFIC POLICE" which had become a household tune. She then had continued recording some more songs as well as collaborating and doing features with other National and International Artists i.e Kiboot from Tanzania, Raskal from Zambia, Floyd from Zimbabwe and other national artists such as Ghetto Souls, Young Kay, Marco Sadik, Star Marley, Nepman, Dan Lu and many more. In 2005 she had released an Album titled "MZIMIRE" of which the perfomance was average on the national market due to lack of promotional resources. Her music has been played on National radio stations and with the manageless effort, she pushed forward and has also done some live performances across Malawi, worked with some Non Governmental Organizations as well as being a feature in the tabloids, some of T.V and Radio programs and jingles. After recording her second album "BORN FREE'" which she had never pushed on the market shelves due to some other responsibilities in 2008, she later disappeared to South Africa where a little was heard about her and no records had been released.... Now she is back with yet more to record...Stay on the look out.


Blackamoore Music Collection
# of songs : 4
Genre : Dancehall
Year : 2014
Type : Mixtape
Country : MW

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