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Released March 2015
Format MP3
Type Single
Added on Monday, 23 March 2015
Genre RnB
Number of discs 1
Edition date March 2015
Country Malawi


Hits 4883 Views

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Details Votes
Foozy Manner Foozy Manner - Koma Ma Man (Prod. Lon C)
Koma Ma Man (Hip Hop)
Shard Osamba Shard Osamba - Relationship ft Phila (Prod. Techtru Studio)
Relationship (Hip Hop)
Nigga D Nigga D - Chikondi Ndi Chobvuta ft Manana (Prod. Taff Beats)
Chikondi Ndi Chobvuta (Hip Hop)
Stich Fray Stich Fray - Tizipemphela (Prod. Stich Fray)
Tizipemphela (Afrobeat)
Wandizoh  Wandizoh - Zoba ft Martin Angelz
Zoba (Hip Hop)
Dr Gee Dr Gee - We Found Love ft Clint (Prod. Austizo)
We Found Love (Afrobeat)
Wisky Wisky - My Redeemer [A-Star & Wisky] (Prod. Passion Records)
My Redeemer (House)
Middien  Middien - Chipatso Cha Mzimu
Chipatso Cha Mzimu (Gospel)
Blessed Ego Blessed Ego - Blessings ft Fos K (Prod. Taycee)
Blessings (Hip Hop)
Keturah Keturah - Mafunde (Prod. OBK)
Mafunde (Afrobeat)

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