Umatha Zinthu
Genre Fusion
City Blantyre
Country Malawi


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Umathazinthu is a brand more of a community which recognizes talent in artistry be it music, modeling, fashion etc. it was established earlier in 2019 when the Co Owner 'Tiidrot Africa' came up with an idea of helping out artists who have great talent but are unable to share their art to the public due to financial problems etc. Although this community is comprised of many artists, there are three recording artists,and a beatmaker who are signed under it with the effect of recording, branding and marketing their art. Umathazinthu as a record label is run by Abdulrazzaaq Moffat socially known as Tiidrot Africa while the whole chief managerial program is run by Hope Magwira also known as Natty Angel.
Albums (1)
Songs (1)
Ghetto Wih Frah
Umatha Zinthu
Songs 1 Comments 0
Added on 11 July 2019
Released 0000
Format MP3
Type Single
Genre Rock


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