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UNTIL FOREVER LYRICS (Intro) oh yeah yeah oh noooh (Verse 1) I see you I see me yeah I see us In front of the altar I see kids I see children I see sons and daughters calling us parents I see my Daddy and your Daddy shaking hands saying "Nice to meet you" I see my Mummy and your Mummy hugging each other saying we are one oh yeah Girl i am a visionary guy in the past, i used to see you by my side when you were ignoring me ey oh yeeah Now look at you girl here you are my vision came true coz you're right by my side yeah And nobody can break us now since we're together as one i feel like i'll never die coz of the joy you give me (Chorus) Girl lets stay like this x3 Until forever Lets stay like this x3 Until forever (Bridge) and i promise i will always love you i'll never leave you alone from now...Until forever and i promise i'll always stay by your side unconditionarlly from now....Until forever OUTRO ver aaaaaah until forever my love love you forever...

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