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Hook: Oh yeah am too swift for a hater No no X4 Got love in the ghetto like Yah ahhh! They be feeling my grind like Yah ahhh You aint on my level like Nah ahhh Dont waste my time no Nah ahhh Verse 1 (Spyral): One thing you dont notice Im everywhere like the police catching bodies that dont know tings I'm high standard like a forbes list i feel like im the baker baking all the cake coz aint nobody bring it on you know they play fake You gotta pay up when you need me You know im done being a freebie eagle eye way i see shit I be flexing x2 on a hater Ukhalabwanji dolo ukamango vencha Im like data bundles on the night shift imma cowboy way i ride shit chuck norris with the backflips i bring the sauce like an adlib trap king from the south side Plenty back up from the other side truth is i only know 1 God the only reason i got more life Hook Verse 2 (Tsar Leo): Ye, see the man got the wave ye See the man got The J's wo 100k for a Drink up, I don't fuck with the fakes wo! Can't you see what I'm made of?? I don't stress anyway ye I got a call from your Girlfriend, she wanna wine pon it! I only flex with the Gang ye only flex with the Fame ye I don't make no mistakes ye All my friends are my fans Ya Call me when It's over, The city is on my shoulder All my niggas Lit, but some of them are sober I got the game planned, See me on the low now I'm The wave Ya!!!! Ice on me like I'm living in The south pole Arts on me, like that nigga Spyral. Hook x2

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