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[Verse] We are the future We are the ones to make it work In the future, we are the Kings and Queens of tomorrow So don't you abuse in our homes Don't you leave you leave us in the streets alone We are the ones who gon' take this world higher and higher [Verse] Starvation we've seen Destruction we've seen I love you we've heard I'll be here we've heard Some parents are gone And others have left I'm here to tell you this I'm here to tell you that Chorus (We are the future) [Verse] Let girls go to school We deserve that right too Oh people don't you Have something in you All the children and youth Come join me in this fight We'll put our armor on We'll put our armor on Chorus (we are the future) [Bridge] There's love in all our hearts But we choose to ignore it Give a little love to the world and show You care about someone other than yourself Chorus (We are the future)

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