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Malinga - Informa (Lyrics) All these days I thought you weh my day one/ To my enemies I thought you nuh go say none/ You did sell me out I wanna know why/ Verse one So me just watch dem, ambiri wa ndionama/ Atha kukugulitsa pa mtengo wa fanta ndi obama/ Kukupha ukugona in bed in yo pajama/ Nyimbo zanga amachotsa amvekele imajama/ Ghetto yutes as we make it inna life, friends turn enemies/ True me songs dem loved by dem girls & wives yow/ Chorus Di bwoy ya Informa Sell we out deh pon di corner/ Di bwoy ya Informa Woulda love to see me burn like marijuana/ Di bwoy ya Informa Woulda do me anything pofuna ndalama/ Di bwoy ya Informa Woulda see me inna jail like addi palmer/ Verse 2 Di bwoy is a parrot sley don't trust him at All/ Every convo we make to di feds him A talk/ Success yathu salengeza koma tika flopa chokamba amachipeza/ Amaku texter dala kuti akupange misquote/ Then nkutenga screenshot/ Malinga my brother uli kuti kodi?/ Few hours later Malinga had been shot/ Fake friend will sell you out my yute Cah di streets dem A fulla Badmind you better stay far/ Nuff A talk seh dem A your friends at di end of di day my yute dem wanna see you fall/ [Chorus] Success make best friend turn enemy Success make best friend turn badmind (Hear me now man) Badmind makes people do abagga tings Hate you for life just because you don't short A ting/ Badmind people me don't want dem around me [repeat verse 1] [Chorus]

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