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Intro Eyeaaaaaah Amafiilah yeaaa brah brah Verse 1 Before i enter in this booth you what i'm about to spit / before ah make mi move you know where mi go step/ you know mi thoughts before i react dem / you always on before's not after's/ before i open mi mouth you know what i'm about to speak / your capacity is not of mankind / your memory too big ma gb osawerengeka/ kupembedza inu ngat bodza sidzaleka/ Chorus Yah know mi name Yah know my story Munandidziwa kale ndisanabadwe Munandidziwa kale ndidzakhalapo Verse 2 Koma Mulungu ameneyu ndi shashiton/ ali khenge kwambiri kuposa rington / ndi wowala kwambiri kuposa ribon/ dziko lonse ndilake anayika bikoni/ i know you may think that i'm playing no / this is not a game I'm just expressing the given talent from above / yah know God is the bigger artist / God is the bigger artist Verse 3 I am what i am because of Your grace / you knew that I'm gonna be a star/ shining on this ghetto yut dem / motivate and inspire dem/ mumadziwa kuti awo adzakhala apo / ndipo ine pano awo nthano ndado njuga /awo luso lomikisa nyimbo Duda /awo khristu awo buda/ mzungu, wakuda / Verse 4 Mumadziwa generation ndi generation eh/ You knew their future's mudziwa wonse mayina awo ooh I wonder how you knw about the coming of Jesus That is gonna come through fuko la David Fuko la David kudala (fuko la David kudala!!!!!)



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My Story, a well Genre fused song from Livinton produced by King Duda & Aya T from Zimbabwe

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