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Verse 1 (King Klek) I've slaughtered readily// its a sought of remedy//but mourned the memories so scorned the heavenly//former enemies ni** form a type of therapy// your name essentially born depend on your better sees//y'all haters be aware of who's shoes your stepping on//scuff the wrong pair and see me with my weapons drawn// I'm public figure yeah got a testimony...//hustle hustle like I'm broke // we dab dab till we hit the flow // money money that's where my heart is // kill you with dead flows like I'm Joe king (joking) Bridge So don't stop will be getting money//so ball out if you hating on me x2 Hook Verse 2 (Groovy) Running the race then came a brick wall turn superman smash em to the ground to another level facing my chores running with the king we keep it lit kip it running locked loaded focused slowly pickin a fight with the ones on i told em i told em am blessed I'm chosen by the high power now i take it back when i said bring it on wanna do it better don't wanna be a common rapper wanna wake up in the morning finding myself there gotta use the fact only the best will shine just a reminder from the time I wasn't sure now im clean myself with the blessings from above making a fake gee wanna run coz I'm more awakened intellectual spiritually awakened Hook- Speech- Hook

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