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verse1) Baby the word end is not in my diary, Which means i will Love you untill the end of time, Go on tell everybody aw be yo fullstop, Which means am the end of your Love journey (eey,) There is nothing i want tell youu, (nothin i want tell you) Nothing i want do for you (nothin i want do for you) There is nothin i want give you (no no noo) As long as i got It you gpt it got It yeh!! (HOOK) Nzakukonda muyaya, Khala nawe muyaya, Za ife anakonza kale,anakonza mulunguyo Nzakukonda muyaya, Khala nawe muyaya, Za ife analemba kale, analemba mulunguyo, Mpaka muyaya eeh (mpaka muyaya) Ndizakukondabeee, (ndizakukonda) Ngakhale kukusamalila,(mpaka muyaya) Dothi ku dothi, phulusa ku phulusa eeyaah! Ati (kodo kodo) Khumbo is a (kodo kodo,) Somo is a (kodo kodo,) Kodo, ati kodo kodo eeh


Bucci, Tricky Beatz

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