Genre Hip Hop
City Lilongwe
Country Malawi
Years active 2020


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Joshua Kukhala, professionally known as Yehoshua. I am a Malawian rapper, singer and song writer. My music is a fusion of hiphop and afro pop music. I was born and grew up in Malawi. I studied Business Management and currently working as an administrator. I started music while I was in primary school. I was largely influenced into hiphop by my elder brother. I started imitating until one day I wrote my own song. Ever since then, I have been recording and performing in different services, meetings, concerts and music festivals. In February 2020 I invited to perform in Zimbabwe as an international artist for unlocked praise festival. I produced my first video in 2018 called Emmanuel. This song talks about the Birth of Jesus Christ. And in February 2020, I released another video which is titled “Grace” this video talks about the grace of God upon our lives. And I have released my first album titled “The heart of Worship”. The album emanates from Exodus 8:1 1 [a]Then the LORD said to Moses, “Go to Pharaoh and say to him, ‘This is what the LORD says: Let my people go, so that they may worship me.
Albums (2)
Songs (2)
The Heart Of Worship
Songs 1 Comments 0
Added on 21 April 2020
Released 2020
Format MP3
Type Single
N discs 1
Genre Gospel
Songs 1 Comments 0
Added on 02 July 2020
Released 2020
Format MP3
Type Single
N discs 1
Genre Afrobeat


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