Xiao Movic
Genre Hip Hop
City Lilongwe
Country Malawi
Years active 2014 to date


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Xiao Movic (real name Movic Ahmady) also known as "Hip-Hop's grandson" is a Malawian songwriter, poet and rapper from Lilongwe. He started rapping in 2014 and in 2019 he met his childhood idol Genii Blakk who is the craftsman behind his beats. Xiao is inspired by Genii Blakk, Easy-E, Notorious B.I.G, Nas, Rakim and 2Pac
Albums (2)
Songs (2)
The Voice Of The Voiceless Mixtape
Xiao Movic
Songs 1 Comments 0
Added on 23 March 2017
Released 2017
Format MP3
Type Mixtape
Genre Rap
Same Ninja
Xiao Movic
Songs 1 Comments 0
Added on 19 April 2019
Released 2019
Format MP3
Type Single
Genre Hip Hop


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