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Released July 2013
Format MP3
Type CD
Added on Saturday, 15 June 2013
Genre Pop
Number of discs 1
Edition date June 2013
Country Malawi
Label Independent


Music Background Talking about my music background, I really don’t have a lot on my portfolio, actually my mum is a great singer so growing up around her; I learnt a few notes from her. Always run away to sing in a church choir! (You would run away also) Well I can’t say I grew up listening to the Beatles, but Beyonce, Brandy, Usher, Tevin Campbell motivated me a lot, Love the writing, the song arrangements everything about it is just amazing, I added Adele and Justin Bieber to the list, Here in Africa I have Zahara she Blows me away!!! Wish I could buy her Voice. My First Song! My first song was actually one of those songs my friends would love because you know, that’s what friends are for, to support you. It was in English, Portuguese and Chewa (Malawian Language) called ‘Like this’ with Afro beat sounds like drums, guitars making a hit song, that was in 2011, surprisingly the Song made its way to Mozambique and Hit the global chart on Number 3. With not having enough resources I didn’t put much effort to it, so I just moved and go about my studies, you can call it a one hit wonder LOL My songs are basically just fun and colorful I would imagine a music video with just happy faces. 2012 2012 Was a great year in my music Career because I had a chance to explore the other side of me, as in learning a lot about music and how to be real in a song. I started working with a good friend of mine Yesaya, A rapper and a music producer her in Malawi who helped to write and produce my Official Single “Uh Uhh” the hook goes like You tryna pen me in your Friday's plans but uh, but uh / I'm not looking for a one night stand uh uh, uh uh / Just girls having a good time and No boys allowed that kind of staff. The song was actually Remixed by one of South African Rappers Sean Pages, whom I met on Twitter and had a good conversation to help me out on a track, took him forever thou to send his voice notes in Malawi, I pushed him so bad, to the point that he started to get annoyed by me so, but he finally sent it and yeah got a song with Sean Pages, I just decide to put the song on hold and release in February 2013.

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