Uchi Empire
Genre Dancehall
City Blantyre
Country Malawi


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Uchi Empire is a dancehall group with three members based in Blantyre which was formed in 2016 by Justin "JMAD" Makondo, Hopeson "HOPEMAN" Nkhata and Nigel "REAL STIFFLER" Gunsalu. The three artists formed the group when they were classmates at Radson Private Secondary in Nkorokosa Blantyre. Justin "JMAD" Makondo was born on October 13 1998 in Zimbabwe were he spent most of his childhood and then relocated back to Malawi with his father in the year 2013 when he was starting Form One. His first recording was his participation in the Radson 2015 cipher. Jmad went on to do a few tracks with Real STIFFLER which include two hip-hop songs "Walk with me " and "live forever " which were both produced by M.O.D. studios.He also had collaborations with Freaky skillz , Twambi and rapper Richard "Rich B" Salima in early 2016. From there Jmad collaborated with HOPEMAN and REAL STIFFLER to record "gwila mwendo " which became the first track by UCHI EMPIRE which was also produced by M.O.D and was released in April 2016 Nigel "REAL STIFFLER" Gunsalu was born on 9 December 1998 in Nsanje but grew up in Naperi Blantyre. He did his primary St Coulumba private primary school in Blantyre. In 2012 he started form at PACT and then transferred to Radson private in 2013 .His first recording was "Mama" a dancehall song which was a tribute to his mother in 2016 at M.O.D studios were he then met JMAD who was also his classmate at that time. The two then went on to record the tracks mentioned earlier and eventually decided to form the group Uchi empire . Hopeson "HOPEMAN" Nkhata was born on January 7 1997 in Mzimba District .He attended Ephangweni private from standard one to standard eight. Then he moved to Blantyre Machinjiri in 2012 and attended Soba private form one to form two. In 2014 he moved to Njamba Chitawira and started form three at Radson private. He did a hiphop single " anayambisa ndani " at DG studios and another single featuring Lil Drany called " ndikanakhala ndi dollar " in 2013 . In 2016 he linked with fellow classmates JMAD and REAL STIFFLER to record " gwila mwendo " and becoming a member of Uchi Empire.
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Uchi Empire
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Added on 05 April 2017
Released 2017
Format MP3
Type Single
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Genre Dancehall


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