Dj T'Kae
Genre RnB
City Blantyre
Country Malawi


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Takondwa Tkae Mwachande is a blantyre based artist. This talented young R&B singer began his career in early 2004 during his secondary school days. Takondwa (Tkae) has not always been mr R&B he was into rap until he developed his love for the rythm and the blues in 2006. He later joined a group of two called Trey'lis from 2008 to 2010. Mr R&B has worked with several artists the likes of GD,Yesaya, Africa the DJ and BFB just to mention a few. Currently he is a singer ,songwriter,model and he is launching a new career as a DJ , it looks like levels are changing for Mr RNB.
Albums (3)
Songs (4)
Lovin It
Dj T'Kae
Songs 2 Comments 0
Added on 23 November 2015
Released 2015
Format MP3
Type Single
N discs 1
Genre RnB
Dj T'Kae
Songs 1 Comments 0
Added on 14 February 2017
Released 2017
Format MP3
Type Single
N discs 1
Genre Hip Hop
My Squad
Dj T'Kae
Songs 1 Comments 0
Added on 23 October 2018
Released 2018
Format MP3
Type Single
N discs 1
Genre Hip Hop


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