The Umoza Music Project - Upewe!

The Umoza Music Project

The Umoza Music Project - Upewe!

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Song name : Upewe!
Album name : Let Them Speak
Length : 04:47
Genre : Fusion
Label : The Umoza Music Project
Size : 3.91Mb
Added on : 14.09.2015 - 12:31
Last DL : 27.01.2023 - 14:57

DL: 1221 times | PL: 1

Songwriters : VOCALS – Max Jere & Chakul Nyambo BACKING VOCALS – Desiderata Kachina & Olive Pilolo LEAD GUITAR – Paul Bailey · GUITARS – John Tobin · SAXOPHONE – Dom Pusey BASS – Stevie Maud · DRUMS – Olly McDermott · PERCUSSION – Gerald Anja

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Review : Recorded on a very hot afternoon after a celebratory lunch, Upewe means ‘prevent’ or ‘prevention’. This song is a powerful message encouraging people to be tested for HIV in order to be aware of their status and make sensible decisions accordingly. “If you are positive you will not be the first, and it will be OK, but you need to know” is the core message. Despite being a hybrid Malawi/jazz/lounge sound, it remains in the spirit of the original folk movement — people singing about subjects close to their hearts that affect many but may rarely be spoken about.

Next Song : Ma Gule Wakwathu

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