Trap Gang
Genre Hip Hop
City Blantyre
Country Malawi


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Trap Gang Empire, the independent record label started in 2014 as 3rd World Music then it changed to Trap Gang Empire in 2016, founded by Skhumbuzo Zulu a hairstylist who had a vision to uplift the youth of Cape Town (and wherever the music might reach out). Through music and entertainment Trap Gang comprises of Malawian, Zimbabwean and South African artists and its aim is to create a platform for disadvantage youngsters with talent in music by discovering, grooming and growing them to better society. So much work has been done since then and the work still continues till today. Trap Gang Empire is diverse but mainly focuses on the trap/hip hop genre. We are bringing innovative style that all age groups can easily relate too. We believe in promoting our artists by providing all necessary resources and services in order for them to focus on creating amazing music.​Trap Gang is currently working on collaborations with international artists some of which are Massinissa & Gizz from Brooklyn, New York and Larry O Nelson from Detroit. Hard work and delivering quality has been our main source of drive so far and we have been receiving so much positive feedback from our followers.
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Trap Gang
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Added on 14 February 2018
Released 2018
Format MP3
Type Single
N discs 1
Genre Hip Hop


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