Sean Focus
Genre Afro-Pop
City Blantyre
Country Malawi


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Born in Harare,Zimbabwe(moved to Malawi in 2006 - 2011).Seanfocus is an Afro-fusion artist and former member of once popular,Team Gypsy from Malawi. He moved to Ireland in 2012 to where he performed a couple of shows before touring England with Sony Africa Mega star,Nox Guni(from Zimbabwe) twice in the same year.

He was recognized by Dodient studios in London,December 2012 where he was employed as a sound engineer. Since then he has been engineering for known names all over the UK,including working with Ellie Golding's team in 2013.Seanfocus has been nominated for Best dance hall artist compilation in Zimbabwe alongside the likes of Winky D,Freeman and Jay-C to name a few.

Seanfocus is C.E.O for up and coming music group,IMVAIZE which comprises of producers,artists,songwriters and engineers.UK based producer and songwriter,Metamore is part of the growing IMVAIZE.

Albums (2)
Songs (8)
The Un-Titled
Sean Focus
Songs 5 Comments 0
Added on 03 March 2012
Released 2012
Format MP3
Type Single
Label Blayze Entertainment
Genre Hip Hop
2 Kwacha
Sean Focus
Songs 3 Comments 0
Added on 17 October 2012
Released 2012
Format MP3
Type Mixtape
N discs 1
Genre Afrobeat


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